‘Rocktobersurprisefest’ Pushes Rebellious Agenda

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

An array of art pieces intended to convey more than just political statements, is currently on display at the college art gallery in an exhibition titled, “Rocktobersurprisefest.”

The exhibition, which runs through Nov. 18, features works by such artists like Suzanne Adelman, Dewey Ambrosino, Janet Jenkins and Karen Lofgren.

This exhibition also features works by gallery director Roger Dickes.

“I didn’t really want it [the show] to be about one aesthetic category,” said Dickes. “I think in general, all the work, to me, has to do with quiet resistance.”

Student Asal Samati, 18, thinks that the pieces in the show “are a good way [for these artists] to express themselves.

Samati was especially intrigued by Ambrosino’s piece titled, “Me,We,” words taken from Muhammad Ali’s famous poem from a Harvard University commencement speech.

“[When I see it it makes me look at] ‘me’ as a person,” said Samati. “[The piece then] directed my views to everyone in society as ‘we,’ everyone in the world.”

Ambrosino’s piece is a mirror cut-out of the word “me.” The light from a tall lamp, reflects “we” onto the white, gallery wall.
“Me, We” was created in the art gallery with great care. Dickes’ fear was that the 144-by-100-inches mirror would shatter.
All of the pieces in the show were hand selected by Dickes who pays regular visits to artists studios.

“I routinely do studio vists with people,” said Dickes. “I thought their [the artists] works were a subtext of rebellion of some kind.”

Art student, Mary Jessica Bonham, is a regular visitor of the gallery.

“I usually monitor all of the exhibits that come through here,” said Bonham. “So far, I think this is the best show.”

The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

For more information on the gallery, visit www.glendale.edu/artgallery.