Art Students Keep it Simple

El Vaquero Editor-in-Chief

John Zarcone, professor of Beginning Design Art 130 and his class undertook a project this semester to simplify their art.

Zarcone asked students to take different pictures and eliminate the complexities to get the photos in their simplest forms. The students then made logos out of them.

Each of the students completed the project and the finished logos resulted in the making of a T-shirt.
The T-shirts contained squares with each square representing a student’s work.

“The design might seem abstract,” said Zarcone, “but this shows how the exercise could be applied to a commercial setting.”

“The exercise really showed a lot of teamwork,” said student Amy Ter-Oganessian. “We had to work in teams.”

“This exercise was an everlasting proof of what we [as students] have established,” said student Emil Babadjanians.