GCC Artists Honored for Their Talent in Show

Eileen Rasnake
El Vaquero Staff Writer

Thirty-seven participants of the Annual Student Art Exhibition were honored during the reception and awards ceremony held in the campus art gallery on May 21.

“I’m enjoying myself because I had fun creating my design, and I’m excited to have it on display so people can look at it,” said Kam Chan, who won honorable mention for her 3-D design piece titled “The Play Ground.”
More than 100 guests attended the reception in which they were treated to free food and drinks, and viewed the talents of Glendale Community College students in the art gallery.

Each category in the exhibition, including ceramics, design, media and digital arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, 3-D design and photography, was awarded one best-in-show prize and two honorable mentions.

Award winners for best in show were Geri Hartfield, ceramics; Shanann
Higgins, photography; Yegor Horakimyan, Design I; Emma Avanesian, mixed.

Sculpture; Machiko Morishita, digital arts; Melissa Syphus, painting I;

Sally Willingham, general life drawing; Nancy Mayhew, mixed art; Edwin Linares, 3-D design; and Anna Boyadzyan, graphic design.

Honorees received a variety of prizes including easels, portfolios, watercolor sets, calligraphy sets, gift certificates for art and clothing stores and cash awards.

“Each art piece that was submitted was charged an entry fee, and the all proceeds were used to purchase the prizes,” said Annabelle Aylmer, the art gallery’s director. Donations from the art department, the campus gallery and vendors for the GCC bookstore were also given as prizes, said Aylmer.

According to Aylmer this year’s art show has been very successful because so many students entered their art. Although only 62 pieces were chosen for display in the gallery, nearly 400 entries were accounted for, said Aylmer.

The Annual Student Art Exhibition will run through June 8 in the GCC art gallery.

Honorable Mentions:

Photo I

Loredana Gaudiucsc, Diane Thors

Drawing I

“Bruce” Hsin Min Wang and Valentin Trofimor


Kimiyo Sasaki and Anna Boyadzyan


Greg Griffin


Naomi Abe and Sarah Sitkin


Alexander Ponce and Machiko Morishita


Keilo Nimura and John Parshall

Graphic Arts

Taeko Sidore


Melissa Syphus and Naomi Abe and Elias Sipsas

Drawing Painting

Damian Chavez

Design I

Allen Yeanian, Faye Henson, and Tibie Ren

3-D Design

Kam Chan and Edwin Linares


Lilia Venier, Anna Han, Ellen Riberro, and Jessica Moromizato