‘It’s Always Sunny’ Returns for a Record-Breaking Season

The Fourteenth Reason Premieres September 25 on FXX

In 2005, FX premiered an original called “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Greenlighting the show based on a $100 pilot, it’s no wonder the initial audience and critic reaction was, well, non-existent.

After a lackluster first season, the network looked to cancel the dark comedy, but the little show-who-could was able to stick it out. After the addition of veteran actor Danny DeVito to the main cast, the once-failing show would soon become critically acclaimed and would grow a fan base to match.

Now going into its 14th season, IASIP has tied with ‘The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’ (a show from the 1950’s) for the title of longest-running live-action comedy in history. The series is poised to go on to break this record, with FX chairman John Landgraf telling Deadline the program could easily go on to season 16 and beyond if writers and stars Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glen Howerton, chose to. “It’s completely up to them. We will absolutely make more seasons of Sunny if the gang chooses to make more seasons of Sunny,” Landgraf told Deadline.

Only read on if you don’t mind spoilers! Last season left off on an unusually heartfelt note. Audiences saw one of the show’s main characters, Ronald “Mac” McDonald (played by creator Rob McElhenney) struggle to find his place in the world as a newly out gay man. This struggle culminates in Mac coming out to his incarcerated father, Luther, while performing a haunting contemporary-dance number, complete with rain and a standing ovation — from all but his dad.

With the cast sharing small snippets of the new season on social media, fans are excited to find out all that it’s ivory anniversary has to offer.

The new season of Sunny will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 25 on FXX. Season one through 14 can be watched now on Hulu.