Guilty Pleasures

What embarrassing songs are on your playlist?

Selena Reyes, Entertainment Editor

A large variety of song are blasted through speakers and some only through the secrecy of headphones. Everyone has got a song, perhaps a couple of them, that they are secretly obsessed with but are too embarrassed to share.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is challenging. Be it through your fashion sense, trying out new food, or sharing personal information with anyone besides the reflection in the mirror.

Vaqueros were put in the spotlight when asked, “What song are you secretly listening to at the moment?”

Within their responses, it was obvious most of the songs selected were only secretive because it’s taboo for men to be fans of feminine music or even women being fans of songs that may be interpreted as degrading to them.

The campus playlist features artists Nicki Minaj, Banda MS, Aqua, The Weeknd, Mais Shirvanyan, Ciara, Yg, and plenty more.