Sweet Confections

Delicious cream puffs provide a new option to enjoy desserts

Need to appease that sweet tooth? How about trying something with a bit of Japanese authenticity right here in L.A.?

Beard Papa’s was originally established in Osaka, Japan. Because the owner of bakery had fluffy and white beard, he chose that name. The popularity of the bakery has spread beyond Japan, and there are more than 400 Beard Papa’s bakeries all over the world, as of April 2018.

The main menu is an original puff, which contains cream. The bakers in Beard Papa’s put cream in a puff after they get an order, making it super fresh. They continue to stick to their original menu. They stress freshness and customers can see the baking process through the glass.

Also, they offer several flavors of creams: original, vanilla, chocolate and green tea. In addition, they have eclairs, which are another type of puffs. Beard Papa’s sometimes have special limited tastes in each month, which entertains customers.

The puffs consist of milk and eggs, so beware if you have food allergies. They do not currently offer gluten-free options, but their menu is vegetarian friendly.

Beard Papa’s of Little Tokyo is located at 333 S. Alameda Street in Los Angeles and can be reached at (213) 620-0710. Bakeries are also located in Koreatown, Arcadia and Irvine where catering is available.