‘Evil Within 2’ Delivers


Sebastian Castellanos is back and he’s after revenge. After the events of the first game, Castellanos, a bearded ex-detective, has been on a personal mission to take down Mobius, a mysterious shadow organization.

He reunites with Juli Kidman, the woman who tricked him into the horrors of the first game. She gives him an offer he cannot refuse. The game starts as you re-enter the STEM machine and relive the horrors of the first game. This time, it’s to save Castellanos’ daughter, Lily.

The campaign of “Evil Within 2” starts here and takes you into new horrors in Union. Union is a new world created within the mind of Lily to be a peaceful place. When you arrive to this place inside the mind of a little girl, it does not take long until you bump into the undead. It turns out a psychopath named Stephano Valentini has infiltrated Lily’s head and is having a field day creating monsters.

The one negative I’ll give this game is the way it references the first “Evil Within.” Every time Castellanos says, “This is just like Beacon,” it’s like the game takes a step away from it own story to say, “Hey! Remember the first game! Something like this happened in the first game too.” If this happened once or twice, it would have been unnoticeable, but this is a line that keeps popping up.

The game play has changed a lot without really being to divergent. At the core, this plays like a survival horror game. You have to keep track of your health and ammo because these supplies are not very common. What has changed from the first game is the crafting system. Before, all you could craft were bolts for the bolt launcher.

This time around, you can craft healing items and bullets for your guns. This gives you the choice of using your ammo on standard enemies or to be stealthy and hoard your ammo for boss fights.

The other big change to the sandbox is the addition of a map. “Evil Within 2” introduces side quests you can tackle alongside the main story.

Now that the series is not being held back graphically by the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the blood and guts look much more real. “Evil Within 2” builds on everything set in the first game three years ago.

This is a recommended buy for gamers, even those who do not play horror games. Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner, so check it out. Four out of five stars.