Are We Prepared For Rita Ora’s Return?


I recently found myself pondering over the realization that once I heard Rita Ora’s Anywhere following Gorgeous by T-swiz—wait is she TayTay now? No, that was Tyra Banks’ moniker, right? Well, whatever Taylor Swift’s new “bad girl” alter ego’s name is, although still turning out radio bangers, I’m not sure I’m getting hit as hard by her most recent comeback singles. Are they good? Of course they are, they have the production and ingenuity of … well, a Taylor Swift song. But, even with the small dialogue she’s been including recently, we’re kind of already expecting just another well produced Taylor Swift song.

Well, on the same day Rita Ora followed up her summer anti-sad song anthem Your Song, which was met with mega success, with her new single; Anywhere. This single track sparked a realization that there is definitely something going on with Rita Ora, in the most sincere way imaginable. This most current addition to New Music Friday has proved consistent in straying away from sad songs, except this time Ora has her heart set on a romantic escape anywhere with a potential love interest as the chorus suggests, ”Over the hills and far away. A million miles from L.A., just anywhere away with you,” which is then followed with the most electrifying, yet subtle post chorus beat I never expected. Am I prepared for Rita Ora’s comeback?

I recall years ago [2012], exiting my Tucson, AZ apartment and ritualistically making my way through a new playlist en route to work. One of which specifically opened with RIP by our British bombshell. The bass-heavy track was the first time I was made aware of Ora’s presence, and it clearly wasn’t for nothing. This song had a production level to get your day going, no matter if it was your least favorite day of the week—which let’s just all agree Monday takes the cake, or if the it alternatively kicked off your Friday turn up. It had that impact. A few years have passed since and although there has been undeniable success in stints like hosting Americas Next Top Model and other assorted gigs, nothing has made me question my preparedness for Ora’s return like Anywhere has.

In a prior issue the theme of our playlist was “Break up with Summer,” but this week with new music from the likes of Marshmello, blackbear, Future, and Nicki and Cardi on one track, we’re going to “Fall into October” with this new and eclectic playlist brought to you by yours truly. And don’t forget to let us know what you think on our various social media platforms, what you’re listening to, or if you want anything added to the playlist! Happy listening!

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