Did Spotify Predict My Breakup?

In an attempt to hear just what’s going on in those earbuds of yours, I candidly and slightly hesitantly invite you into mine.
This curated El Vaquero playlist, depending on your interaction with our social media platforms, can potentially represent what all of us as a campus are listening to, and can offer one another in the form of music with playlists available in accordance with future issues.
This initial El Vaquero playlist, however, is a culmination of tracks based primarily on Spotify’s most recent “New Music Friday” catalogs from around the globe (U.S., Canada, UK, etc.), available at the end of each week just in time for the weekend. Thursday night if you’re ambitious.
This is my individual reflection of the week detailed in this column.
It proves an interesting ride, so before blasting the speakers, heed this small disclaimer as an insight to the tone of the playlist: An all too coincidental combination of this week’s featured artists’ teetering heavily into relationship and breakup-themed bops the same week I found myself in a similar break-up-themed situation.
It has inevitably inspired our very first newspaper playlist and turned it into an early October breakup playlist.
This was following our most recent issue where staff writer Catalina Juarez told us in the latter end of her “Tackling Today’s Dating” (Opinion, Sept. 27) article that,“It’s worth taking to heart that you should not break someone else’s just because you’re still unsure of what you want.” Who’s taking credit for predicting my breakup, by the way?
And with that, you’ve been warned. So if you’re still with us, throw it on shuffle and tell the staff if this New Music Friday playlist facilitated a break up from your significant other or your relationship with summer.
Hey, even if it totally killed your vibe, let us know what you’re listening to right now through interactive polls on our Instagram page, and by means of other platforms.
But for now, blame your first GCC El Vaquero playlist on the timing of Demi Lovato, Sam Smith, and my ex.