Wrap Express Is a Solid Option for Lunch

Vaughn Lawrence

If you are not too wrapped up in your studies, take a break because there is a newly opened eatery located right across the street from campus.

Do not be afraid to walk past the Quiznos and Flame Broiler and try something new and different.

Wrap Express, which recently opened on North Verdugo Road, features cràpes and wraps.

This fast-food restaurant also offers curly and sweet potato fries, different combinations, gyros, burgers, kebab, soups, salads, and various sides such as babaganoush
The first and most obvious benefit that Wrap Express has is its close location GCC. Students do not need to drive somewhere to get lunch, dinner or a snack in between classes.

From anywhere on campus, Wrap Express is no more than a 10-minute walk.

After arriving, one will see the squeaky clean decor. The cleanliness most likely stems from its recent opening, but it is nice to go somewhere that is well-kept.

The seating arrangement is not bad. There are a few black swiveling bar seats in the dining area and the rest of the seats are outside.

The outside seating includes tables that can seat two, four or eight. During the day outside seating can be an issue because of the weather.

Since the weather has been heating up there is a constant need for shade. At Wrap Express shade is a precious commodity because not all of the tables are shielded from the elements.

Aside from the seating situation, Wrap Express has great service. The employees are friendly and eager to help.

The wait time for an order is not very long. After receiving a number, customers can take a seat and be greeted with their food within five or six minutes.

Since this is a wrap and cràpe restaurant, it seemed natural to order both.

A chicken wrap, sweet potato fries, fountain drink, and a huge cràpe cost around $15. Since most customers are not trying to get a taste of everything, one can expect to spend less than $10 easily.

The minimum price for a wrap Ö la carte is $3.95, and the lowest price for a cràpe is slightly more expensive at $6.95.

The wrap, fries and drink all came in a combination, which helps to lower the cost.

The wrap itself was a chicken wrap. Inside of the pita bread was shredded chicken, chopped onions and tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. It was messy, but it was a nice change from a Quiznos sub.

This wrap is stock at best, and could be compared to vanilla ice cream. It can stand alone but a little more flavor or toppings would be necessary to have a euphoric eating experience.

A wrap from Zankou Chicken would blow this one off of its spinning rotisserie. The wrap from Zankou focuses on exactly what it should: the meat. The meat is decedent and savory. The ingredients on the inside of the wrap work better together with the meat, making it higher quality.

The next item on the agenda is the cràpe. This cràpe is a Nutella-and-banana cràpe.

The cràpe is giant, warm and delicious. Something about warm nutella, bananas and whipped cream just worked.

Everything about this cràpe is fresh. The whipped cream was nothing like what comes out of the average store-bought aerosol can. It is so much better.

This item is also so large that it could be shared between two people.

Eating this cràpe is like discovering candy. The discovery will lead to further cràpe eating investigations and occasional cravings.
Finally, the sweet potato fries were excellent. These fries are a nice change of pace from regular white potato french fries.

After also trying the Wrap Express curly fries, it is apparent that this restaurant has two strong fry choices available.

Wrap Express makes a seamless transition into the system of restaurants that surround GCC. This eatery has its strengths and weakness, but some of the gems like the Nutella-and-banana cràpe make it to being a good place to eat.

Overall, Wrap Express is just another good choice for the hungry college student.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars