Faculty Instrumental Recital Inspires Musicality

Christine Gillette

Goosebumps covered the arms of the entire audience as Jungwon Jin’s fingers danced along the piano keys to Chopin when she opened for the Faculty Recital on April 28.

Jin, a piano teacher on campus, opened the recital with “Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brillante, Opus 22” by classical composer Frederic Chopin, a song that instantly quieted the room and directed all the wandering eyes in the audience to her.

Music instructor Gregory Newton, piano teacher Brian Hanke, and choir vocal coach Lori Ann Fuller joined Jin to present a recital composed of all music faculty members in the auditorium at 12:20 p.m.

The recital gave faculty an opportunity to showcase their talent to their students. Many students filled the auditorium to watch their instructors show off their skills.

Michelle Martinez, one of Fuller’s choir students, found the Faculty Recital inspiring and motivating for the students who are instructed by these professors.

“The faculty is very caring about their students and I really like how they got to shine for us after all the times they’ve helped and taught us,” Martinez said. “I really enjoyed their performances.”

Fuller, a soprano who has performed internationally with such companies as Los Angeles Philharmonic and BBC Symphony Orchestra, sang Mauro Giuliani’s emotional “Sei Ariette, Opus 95” alongside Newton, who played classical guitar.

She gave an expressive operatic presentation of three of the six Italian songs of “Sei Ariette, Opus 95,” all songs having the theme of love and the woes of love.

Hanke finished the recital with a moving piano performance of Chopin’s “Fantasy in F minor.” Like Fuller, Hanke has performed internationally and is an experienced composer, organist, soloist, and chamber musician.

Many students had been eagerly waiting to watch their teachers perform. One of the students, Amanda Rodriguez, is appreciative of the concern and care these instructors give to their students.

“Each one of the music faculty members have a lot of things to offer in their own field,” Rodriguez said. “They are always willing to help their students during their office hours.”

Rodriguez said that GCC has a good music program that offers a variety of classes that are fundamental for music majors. She said it also provides an opportunity for non-music majors to develop music skills.

Fuller and Jin are also faculty members of Applied Music, a four-semester program that provides private instruction alongside the student’s recital class and performing ensemble.

The Applied Music program will have a recital on May 27 at 7:30 p.m. in the main auditorium. Admission is free.