Students Host DJ Battle in Plaza Vaquero

Shearson Unda

School spirit was high as the Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGGCC) hosted a “DJ Mix Off” event that was held in Plaza Vaquero on April 5.

For the a hour-and-a-half event Zacil Pech, 21, also known as “Dj Sizzle” and Jeffrey Paredes, 20, also known as “Dj Jeffrey-One,” were controlling the turntables. They displayed their talents for their peers and spun some classic, current dance and party anthems, which really set the mood for students who were ready to get their spring break under way.
The two disc jockeys are both GCC students and expressed their interest and love for music as an influence for each style of music mixing by grooving to the beat.

“As a girl, I know what girls like to dance to,” Pech said. “It just comes easy for me. I don’t know. I just love music a lot.”

One of her biggest influences as a disc jockey is a well-known artist DJ Tiesto and she has even traveled hours just to see him. On the other hand, the popular local radio disc jockey DJ Vice heavily influences Pech’s mix off opposition, “Dj Jeffrey One.”

“[This event is] just the love of music, and the fact that I get to blend a lot of stuff (genres) together . I actually do this on weekends, for weddings, other gigs and club gigs,” said Parades.

This was an open flyer event that was originally scheduled for an earlier date but got pushed back due to the weather issues.

During the mix off event in the Plaza Vaquero, the Toms club on campus held an event called “One Day Without Shoes,” a worldwide awareness campaign about the millions of those who are less fortunate and live everyday without proper footwear.

“In conjunction with Toms (shoes), and we are leaving our shoes up in the front and allowing other Glendale students to leave their shoes, [we would like] to bring awareness to how there are kids all over the world that have to go [all of] their days without shoes,” said Michael Sokolowski, 19, a member of the Toms club at the college.

The club partnered with Baby’s Badass Burgers, a rolling gourmet burger truck, to cater for the students during the mix off event.

ASGCC member and resident DJ Boris Sargsyan said, “The reason why we have this event is to get the student’s mind off school and to have them relax and enjoy music.”