Brainy Beauties Compete at Beauty Contest

Rachel Mills

Its early morning on Dec. 3, and a large group of listeners to the popular rock station, KROQ 106.7 FM, are waiting in line at the Rock’n’Roll Slidebar in Fullerton, to watch the station’s beauty contest, Miss Double December.

The beauty contest has been taking place for the last few years and is featured on the radio station’s early morning program, “The Kevin and Bean Show.” The morning show, for the most part, features the conversations and comedic sketches of Kevin Ryder and Gene “Bean” Baxter.

The contest is an opportunity for young ladies over the age of 21, and who are physically gifted with a certain bra size, to compete for the chance to be considered the radio station’s female representative at radio sponsored concerts and events.

Before the event took place, the radio show introduced the nine finalists. This year the ladies were Amy, Ashley, Christine, Darralee, Kellie, Laurie, Linda, Tarin, and Tiffany. The last names of the finalists along with last year’s Miss Double December were not disclosed to the press.

The doors to the event were opened to the public at around 6 a.m. The Rock’n’Roll Slidebar set up a large tent right outside its doors so that the event could be open to most of the KROQ listeners, regardless of age limitations. The only requirement to be granted admission was to bring a new unwrapped toy.

The donations were collected at the door by the U.S. Marines for their charity, Toys for Tots, or as Kevin and Bean like to joke Toys for Tatas. The toys are then sent to a warehouse were they are distributed to local Orange County charities in need of toys for the holidays.

SSgt. Perez (first name undisclosed), of the U.S. Marine Corps., the man in charge of Toys for Tots, said that the event brought in at least 1,000 donations. Perez also said that some of the best moments he has seen are when the toys are given to local children right on the spot.

During the KROQ broadcast, Corp. Christopher Wright talked about the Toys for Tots charity He also talked about his two deployment experiences.

At 6 a.m., the contestants kicked off the competition by introducing last year’s winner, Danielle, who was interviewed about her reign. She said she had fun and enjoyed getting to know the show’s cast. The girls then came out in bathing suits and walked down the runway. The first contestant to come out was Linda and the last out was Tarin.

At 7:15 a.m., the talent portion of the contest began. Talents ranged from contestant Tiffany placing her leg behind her head while sitting, to Amy who picked bags of candy up with her toes.

In a return to the more traditional beauty pageant format, the competition featured the contestants wearing dresses and being asked questions by Ralph Garman, the entertainment beat reporter for the show.

All the contestants took to the stage one last time after 9 a.m., before the top three finalists were announced. Listeners were encouraged to vote online for the winner as well. Ryder and Baxter pointed out that most of the contestants were educated women.

Ashley, an event planner from Rancho Santa Margarita, took third place. The runner-up was Laurie, a hostess from Montclair. Christine, a psychology student from USC took home the grand prize and was crowned Miss Double December by Danielle.

Adult Beverage Company helped to sponsor the live online video broadcast of the event. The company’s newest beverage, Adult Chocolate Milk was being drunk by the disc jockeys.

Christine said she will be completing her education at USC in January, and she believes that her education is important. “You need to have your education,” said Christine, still feeling happy from her win.