‘Halo Reach’ Brings Extra Features to Classic Game

Sarkis Adajian

“Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta” is the video game version of a tease.

New maps, new weapons and a massive improvement to an already successful video game franchise. With “Halo: Reach” set to be released sometime in September, the creators of the popular video game decided to release a trial version for its fans.

The trail experiment became an instant hit with Xbox 360 gamers. The “Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta” had more than one million downloads the first day it was released to the public.

What would make so many people download a video game?

“Reach,” the shortened way of saying the full name of the game, is a major improvement to a game that did not really need much improvement. The previous three Halo games had each won video game of the year. “Reach” will surely add to the hardware already collected by its predecessors.

With the multiplayer beta, fans get to experience and adapt all the new weapons, from the Plasma Launcher to the Needle Rifle, before they begin the real battle with the full edition in September. Also, the multiplayer beta features two new maps, Powerhouse and Sword Base, which were not on the previous edition of the game.

The greatest facet of the game is the four different extra features that can be added to the character before heading into battle. Players could choose to have incredible speed, a jet-pack, the power to be invisible, or the power to have a shield around you when being attacked. This feature is brand new to the Halo series, and probably the best change to the game.

The action the game presents is fast-paced and incredibly entertaining. The fighting is nonstop action and the best part is the fact that it is only a trial version.

For those who are not longtime Halo players, this game might come off as challenging and might be hard to adapt to at first. The game is really aimed for existing Halo players who are familiar with the franchise, but that could easily change. With some practice anyone can start to master the game.

Bungie, the creative mind behind the masterpiece, is giving everyone a small sample of what is yet to come in “Halo: Reach”. The 17-day trial was launched in early March, and will leave everyone wanting more.

For more information on how to get the access code to download the game directly into an Xbox 360, or for other ways to download the games check out the Web site, http://www.haloreachbeta.com.

Rating: Four stars out of five.