Hot Wings Cafe Serves Up Spicy Food, Sports

Sarkis Adajian

Excellent food: check. Great service: check. Fun atmosphere: check. Hot Wings Café provides its guests with everything one hopes to experience when heading out for some grub, whether it be for lunch or dinner.

Hot Wings Café, located in the heart of downtown Glendale, is the ideal spot to go on an empty stomach and indulge in a dish of hot wings spiced up mild, hot, or the ultimate: extra hot.

Once you bite into a wing you cannot seem to stop. With each bite, the food tastes better and better.

The restaurant, which has three locations (Pasadena, Hollywood and Glendale), is the ideal place to spend time with friends or family.

Hot Wings Café is the perfect place to order a plate of wings, grab some drinks and enjoy the daily sports games in the NBA, NHL, NFL or MLB on one of its two flat screens hung above the crowd for everyone to watch comfortably. With playoff season among us, it is the ultimate place to watch the best teams in the NBA and NHL compete for their championships.

Guests might think that all one can order are wings by just looking at the sign in the front, but Hot Wings Café offers so much more. From various Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, to salads, Hot Wings Café offers something for everyone.

Talking about all this food can sure make a person hungry, but I haven’t even gotten to one of the best reasons to visit this Glendale hot spot.

The hot wings are exceptional, the sandwiches are tasty, but the restaurant offers probably the best tasting fries California. Seasoned just right, the thin curly fries are an exceptional side dish with a plate of 12 piece wings spiced up extra hot.

What would one expect to pay when leaving a restaurant completely satisfied? $50 dollars? $100 dollars? One would think after eating so much the bill would come up so high, but food for two costs roughly $40 dollars.

A customer can enjoy 12 pieces of hot wings for just $9.80. Want to increase that to 16? Just add a dollar more. How about those amazing fries? Only $2.95 for a bowl. Hot wings not your thing, try one of the various salads or sandwiches starting at $4.95 to $7.95.

Hot Wings Café is finger-licking good, and a place that will surely have repeat visitors.
Hot Wings Café is located on 314 North Brand Blvd. between Lexington Drive and California Avenue. For more information, or to place an order for pick-up, call (818) 247-4445.

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