Green Door — Reprise of a Hollywood Hot Spot

AnnaLinda Andersson

Green Door is not new to the party scene, but recent publicity has shone new light on this Hollywood classic after a time in the dark.

It was after being mentioned on the popular HBO show “Entourage” earlier this fall that the Hollywood party crowd steered its wheels back to Green Door. As often happens in Hollywood, something old comes back in fashion (just call it “vintage”), and once again people 21 years and older are lining up next to the restaurant/lounge’s famous door, taking up almost the whole block of 1429 Ivar Ave.

Green Door is built as an old expensive Parisian-style home, with heavy green velvet curtains framing the main room, and at the same time displaying just enough visual of what is behind to spark enough curiosity to make one wanting to explore all corners of the place. Behind the big curtain, which hangs as if a play should be performed on a theater stage at any minute, is one of the lounge’s two bars.

Up there, people mingle while others dance along to the music in the main room, which has now turned into a fairly spacious dance floor. A giant chandelier hangs over the exclusive gold-framed sofas and chairs where the women can sit down when their 15-inch heels need a break from dancing to the mix of R&B, House and Salsa music that the disc jockeys provide. The walls are decorated with framed watercolor paintings.

The customers, who have coughed up the $400-minimum needed for bottle service, can rest their feet comfortably by their own table with their own bottles of alcohol in one of the more exclusive areas, behind the side curtain, or out in the entrance lounge, which is also a patio where the smokers are allowed.

One does not have to pay for bottle service to get in, although it will increase the chance of getting in a whole lot, especially when it comes to an all-or mostly all-male company. Always have more women, or at least as many women as men in the group when trying to enter a club. The $20 entrance fee at the Green Door is usually for men only, but on popular nights even women can be asked to pay if they are not on anyone’s list.

The lounge offers a full bar, with beers starting at $7 and most of the drinks and shots are an even $10. With only two bars, and one of them being quite small, patience is a must for the thirsty ones.

The Green Door lounge is notorious about admitting patrons and the recent exposure has not made it easier to get inside. However, there are some things to consider before leaving home on Saturday night.
Although being early is a must, “dress to impress” (which has become the welcome phrase promoters use for every party nowadays) is the most important thing everyone needs to remember before going to any club. Choice of clothing can either make or break the night. With the right outfit, the entry line can magically disappear. With the wrong outfit, the line will never end.

The dress code is strict. The people allowed inside are usually dressed up, classy, from head to toe. Women wear the newest fashion, preferably dresses matched with the highest heels, and most of the men are in suits or at least in classy shirts.

To be on the safe side on a night out, befriend one of the promoters. Be polite and nice to them and make sure to be contacted for future events. Being on someone’s list will greatly increase the chance and decrease the wait to get in.

One real downside to this lounge is the limited number of stalls inside the ladies room. Be prepared to once again stand in line for a very long time when it is time to powder the nose.

The best nights to visit Green Door are Thursday through Saturday, when the lounge is open from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.