Correatown’s Music Sparks, but Never Fades

Ashley Chang

Coronas, cupcakes, and Correatown graced the Echo Park club on Oct. 5 to kick off Correatown’s Monday night residency at The Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd.

Angela Correa, also known as Correatown, celebrated her birthday along with her first night as the club’s Monday residency.

A disco ball and chandeliers dimly lit up the room as friends and fans packed the modest club, awaiting Correa’s arrival.

The worn-down stage resembled a one-car garage, occupied by broken amplifiers, wires, and unused instruments.

It was all the room the opening band, The Voyeurs, needed as they squeezed in Sean Johnson’s drums, Jonathan Hylander’s keyboard and guitar, and Elisha Maltinksy’s bass dead center.

The Highland Park trio, outfitted in pinstripe dress shirts and slacks, began without hesitation, or an introduction – but don’t judge a book by its cover. The Voyeurs’ electric performance consisted of drumsticks spinning in air, roaring guitar, and Hylander sporadically on his knees playing keyboard.

“Hey sound guy! How much time?” Johnson asked an hour into their set, which consisted of a perfect mix between Cursive’s contemporary sound and Spoon’s upbeat rock. And just like that, it was over.

There are no roadies here, no VIP service either. Bands at The Echo set up their own instruments while the club-goers wait. Some chat up the bartender for free beer while others occupy the outdoor patio, sheltered by a single canopy decorated with Christmas lights, park benches and recycle bins.

Puffing a cigarette and sipping his Corona in between sentences, Dave Endicott, 23, said, “I live a few blocks away, so my friends and I come here a lot. It’s free [Mondays] and there’s rarely a bad show.”

Endicott and his friends made their way inside just as the band, Eagle and Talon, finished their set. Kim Talon (vocals) led the band and audience for a “Happy Birthday” song as Correa stood smiling next to fans, taking in the role reversal.

It wasn’t long until Correatown took the stage, putting her back in her comfort zone. “Fascination,” a song off her new album “Spark. Burn. Fade,” demonstrated Correa’s soulful voice and bittersweet lyrics.

Correa described her sound as a “ramble between acoustic indie . to slow folk tunes that waltz across the room.” Take it as you will, Correatown streams the best of Catpower’s capricious vocals and peeks into Rilo Kiley at their best.

Correatown beautifully played “Green Cotton Dress,” a country-style tune that navigates a women’s “blurry Saturday night” with friends and the encounter of an ex-boyfriend.

As friends and fans proudly watched, Correa brought back an “oldie but goodie,” performing a fan favorite, “Racing Tides,” a song that would make Azure Ray proud.

The night went on and patrons slowly exited the club, sure to remember the intimate celebration filled with Coronas, cupcakes, and Correatown.

Correatown will perform at The Echo every Monday night this month free of charge. For more information, visit