Chevelle’s New CD Is Not ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’

Anissa Clarke

At long last the wait for Chevelle’s new CD release, “Sci-Fi Crimes” is finally over.
Chevelle’s last released album was 2007’s “Vena Sera,” making it two long years Chevelle fans had to endure before they could hear pumping rock melodies played by the trio that hails from Chicago.

The 11 tracks on the album include catchy drop-tune rock songs like “Jars,” “Mexican Sun,” and “New Momentum.” Other songs like “This Circus,” and “Letter From a Thief” lighten up the feel with softer rhythms but still keep Chevelle’s traditional poppy hard-core sound.

True Chevelle fans won’t be disappointed when they hear songs like “Shameful Metaphors” and “Fell Into Your Shoes” because they still possess the same punchy hook that jumps in your face when you’re least expecting it, which can be found on previous albums.

The perfectly single banging bass drum in the verses of “Sleep Apnea” add to the intensity of the song and picks up in the chorus with a steady pattern of snare up-beats and double pedal. This leads you to focus on the heavy guitar and warm tone vocals.

The album really leaves a mark on its eighth track, “Roswell’s Spell,” which catches the listener off guard, bouncing around from heavy verses to soft stroked guitar riffs and breathy vocals in the pre-chorus. “Roswell’s Spell” may surprise you by its out-of-Chevelle-norm interchanges, but band’s familiar majestic feel returns in the chorus.

The song “This Circus” may not mention any clowns or trained animals, but does show some resemblance to “Roswell’s Spell” with the smoothly choppy rhythm interchanges. The basic drum pattern is quite different from the other songs on the album, which are full of an excessive use of cymbals and double pedal, but follows the guitar progressions fittingly.

The second track, “Mexican Sun,” is pure Chevelle and brings up the excitement level of the album, the fast- paced movement, rich guitar and bass lines settle in the ears that can only be escaped by constant head bobbing.

Whether one is a first-time listener or a lifelong fan of Chevelle, “Sci-Fi Crimes” is an album loaded with musical splendor that any music lover can enjoy..

4 stars out of 5.