The Monolators Have Anxiety

Anita Marto

Highland Park’s quirky, punky indie rocker’s the Monolators have been ripping up stages all across L.A.’s east side for the last seven years and have attracted sizable following.

Slideshow Media Credit: Anita Marto

Although their song “Anxiety” does a good job of describing that very annoying sensation, they do sing about other emotions and manage to make it all sound fun.

The band consists of husband and wife duo Eli (vocals and guitar) and Mary (drums) Chartkoff, Ray Gurrola (lead guitar), Ashley Jex (bass) and Jillinda Palmer (keyboards).

I’ve followed them all over L.A. taking photos and their live shows never fail to impress and delight. So, do yourself a favor and take a depressed friend with you to see them. You’ll both leave with a silly grin on your faces.

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