Peaches: Scandalous Audio Good Times Await

Jesse Gutierrez

It’s not all peaches and cream with the fifth studio album, “I Feel Cream,” by Elektroklash artist Peaches. And thank goodness for that.

This album is brimming with hard electro beats and overtly sexual lyrics, which might not appeal to everyone, but is sure to please the ears of Peaches fans. Even though her fans have come to know and love her for her aggressive, almost rap-like vocals, this album shows that she can sing melodies as well.

The album starts off with a typical Peaches song, “Serpentine.” Its minimal electro beats, aggressive vocals and lewd come-ons which make the song hilarious and a lot of fun to listen to.

However, the second song is anything but typical, which may be why “Talk to Me” was chosen as the first single off the album. Peaches sings about the lack of communication in relationships: “Why don’t you talk to me? I know you’ll never phone, why don’t you talk to me?”

This is probably the only song on this album that a mainstream audience could enjoy because of its catchy and clean lyrics and pop-inspired vocals.

The next track on the album, “Lose You” will shock the most dedicated fan. Peaches sheds her tough skin and sings this electronic love song with sweet and almost whispery vocals.

Just when the listener gets lured into a false sense of security, Peaches hits you with the next song “Trick or Treat.” And as a forewarning: this is not a song about an innocent Halloween night. She raps about drinking whiskey and strange fetishes such as licking her crows feet.

As the album progresses, Peaches does not let up on the sexual innuendos.

“Mommy Complex” is witty and at the same time quite kinky as she compares unprotected sex and her favorite flower, baby’s breath. And just so she can prove that she would be the man in any relationship, even between mother and son, she raps: “My love will crush you like a monster truck.”

In the title track of the album, “I Feel Cream,” she reverts back to the same whispery vocals as on the earlier track “Lose You,” as she sings about lust at first sight on the disco floor. “You walked into the room tonight, your lips reflect the light, you caught my eye, your hand went on my thigh.” While this track is all about sex, it’s tame compared to the rest of the album.

For the last couple songs, Peaches takes a break from the heavy beats and sexual lyrics. The song, “Relax,” is just about sitting back with your friends and hanging out.

While the next track “Take You On,” has the occasional sexual innuendo, it’s mostly very repetitive, almost as if she got tired while recording and just decided to record herself repeating the phrase “take you on.”

Shocking lyrics aside, Peaches shows true musicianship on this album. She composed and produced every track on the album, proving that she is light-years ahead of any mainstream pop star out there today.

While this album may seem to be nothing more than sex and alcohol, isn’t that what rock’n’roll is all about?

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.