‘Sex’ Is Great for Everybody, Not Only Women

Eric Konarki

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte are finally back, five years wiser, with their Manolo Blahniks on their feet and Cosmopolitans in hand.

HBO’s award winning series about sex and relationships from the female point of view ended its six-year run with Carrie finally being matched up with Mr. Big, Samantha beating cancer, Miranda moving to Brooklyn and Charlotte adopting a baby from China.

Five years have passed and their lives have changed. Carrie is planning her wedding. Samantha has moved to Los Angeles, Miranda is experiencing the troubles of putting her career before her family, and despite the odds, Charlotte is finally pregnant.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s (“A Family Affair,” 2008) portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw is fantastic. Parker’s acting ability is flawless and very realistic. The way Parker exhibits the pain that Carrie endures throughout the movie seems as if this is actually happening and is not acting.

Kim Cattrall (“My Boy Jack,” 2007) portrays the promiscuous Samantha Jones. Cattrall brought the “sex” to the city and also the comedy. Her sexual frustration led to laughs that kept the movie balanced with comedy and drama.

Miranda Hobbes, the cynical lawyer, is portrayed by Cynthia Nixon (“The Babysitters, 2007”). Nixon’s performance is commendable. Her emotion-filled scenes are very tasteful and not over the top.

The conservative Charlotte York, portrayed by Kristin Davis (“Deck The Halls,” 2006), is excellent. Davis manages to balance proper nature and anger tastefully to maintain Charlotte’s preppy personality.

John James Preston, commonly known as Mr. Big, is portrayed by Chris Noth (“The Perfect Man,” 2005). Noth does a great job of showing his characters’ indecisiveness that has been going on for 10 years. His acting is great because it is hard to establish what he is going to do and say next.

Louise from St. Louis is portrayed by Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson (“Dream Girls,” 2006). Hudson’s portrayal is perfect. Unlike the rest of the cast, it is quite obvious she is not a New Yorker, but she manages to keep a thick skin while trying to make it in New York.
Love and labels are the focus of this film.

Patricia Fields, the costume designer, is gifted in the fashion field. Her fabulous fashions help explain the story without words. From the clothes, to the purses, to the shoes everything is a designer name. It almost feels as if the clothes are characters in the film.

Show creator Michael Patrick King puts together a complete film that will not disappoint fans and will create new ones. Credit must be giving to Patrick King for making the film a visual and emotional treat.

There is never a shortage of “chick flicks” but “Sex And The City: The Movie” is?more than the average lovey-dovey romance movie aimed at women that men are forced to see by their girlfriends or wives. This movie might be marketed toward women of all ages, but men should not be worried about having to see it. It revolves around sex, it’s
in the title.

This movie might not be for all ages but at least women can enjoy the romance, and men can enjoy the sex and jokes. This long-awaited movie does not disappoint and is the perfect closure for this pop culture phenomenon.

My rating: four stars out of four.

Rated R for strong sexual
content, graphic nudity, and language

Running Time: 148 minutes
Production company:
Darren Star Productions
HBO Films
New Line Cinema