Drawing Marathon Brings New Meaning to ‘Sketchy’

“Circus, Circus was the theme of this semester’s drawing marathon with both nude and costumed models playing their parts on May 18 from noon to 8 p.m. in the Aviation building.

Caryl St. Ama, professor of painting and life drawing, and David Attyah, professor of drawing and design, coordinated the event.

Throughout the day art students had the opportunity to work on their portfolios and had access to three live models during the day. More than 30 art students attended the event.

“Studio art is committed to making some of the best artists in L.A. We help the students with their art work so they can transfer out to a university to pursue their interests and hope they may credit us for their fame,” said St. Ama.

The drawing marathon has been held bi-annually for the past three years.

“Every year it gets bigger and bigger, and this year has been the most elaborate one so far,” Attyah said.

The circus theme was well organized and brilliantly decorated. There were trapezes hanging, balloons covering the floor, and colorful decoratives along with everything to satisfy a circus.

“It’s really one of the most amazing events that has come across my path on campus. It is a great opportunity for art students. I believe everyone should take advantage of this opportunity that the college offers,” said Masihi, 30, architecture major.

The models were very excited about this year’s marathon. Model Sarah Streeter, who has been modeling for 12 years, attended the event. “I can swallow three swords all at once,” said Streeter. Her art form is referred to as the Pirate of Identities.

“I come from a ballet background so I love to dress up, which makes this year’s theme even better,” said Streeter, who models throughout Los Angeles. Since she is running from one event to another, some may have difficulty booking her for their event.

“During the year students learn about anatomy and work extremely hard, so this is a reward for all their hard work,” Attyah said.

Greg Fujita, Glendale alumnus from the ’90s, also attended the drawing marathon. “This art department shaped me into the artist I am today,” Fujita said. He has been working as an artist at Disney for about seven years now.

The co-founders of the Art Club on campus, John Fox, 27, 3D animation and fine arts major, and Donato Bragagnolo, 23, media arts major, participated at the event as well.

They assisted both St. Ama and Attyah to coordinate and plan the event. “We went through 10 different themes for the marathon until we finally came down to this one,” Fox said.