Creative Minds Club Hosts Art Show in Plaza Vaquero

The Creative Minds club held its first art exhibit on Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Plaza Vaquero.

There were an estimated 40 art pieces on display over the two days.

“The purpose of the Creative Minds is to get exposure to the arts and the talents of individuals at GCC,” said Vangie Jimenez, president of the club.

Students will have the chance to meet others with their same goals in fine arts and pursue their ambitions. The club will hold an art show once every semester.

“It’s an organization to enhance the arts in our community. The art exhibit was our first attempt to accomplish our goal,” said Benny Aziles, 24, production manager.

The club is not limited to art students; it is open to all photographers, musicians, and to students with an interest in theater.

Everyone is welcome to join, even those who have no interest in fine arts. The club is accepting students who would like to help them with the organization and fundraisers.

The club plans to have art shows in Plaza Vaquero where students will have the opportunity to display their works for all to see. They will be making arrangements with people from outside of campus to attend the art shows and maybe buy some of the pieces created by club members.

For musicians, instruments will be set around the exhibit to play as people come to observe the art work.

According to Jimenez, proceeds from sales will be donated to Fullerton College of Optometry.

All the artworks will be displayed at the college which will open in September.
“In order to get your art work up for the art shows on campus, students must sign up early and pay a small fee,” Jimenez said. The club is still accepting members.

For more information contact [email protected]