‘Prom Night’ Is a Forgettable Nightmare

Eric Konarki

Prom night is supposed to be an event you never forget; This “Prom Night” is a nightmare, that you won’t want to remember.

After a night at the movies with her friends, Donna returns to a broken-in home and a murdered younger brother and father. While hearing the screams, Donna witnesses the brutal murder of her mother by her sadistic and obsessed teacher.

Senior year is ending and Donna is still dealing with the heartache of her family’s death as she prepares for her senior prom. A night she will never forget turns out to be a night to die for.

Nelson McCormick, the director of such popular TV shows such as “Prison Break” (2007-2008), “Nip/Tuck” (2003-2006) and “ER” (2002-2006) incorporates the intensity of these thrilling shows in this high school-orientated movie. The old-fashion story of horror and suspense is directed with a modern twist.

Donna Keppel, the blonde high school senior, who witnesses the murder of her mother is played by Brittney Snow (“Hairspray” 2007). Snow’s acting is very amateurish, her screams as the terrified student are the high point of her performance.

Donna’s boyfriend, Bobby, played by Scott Porter (“Friday Night Lights,” 2006-2008) is a polite individual who seems unnatural due to the young and na’ve age he attempts to portray.

Donna’s best friend and prom queen, Lisa Hines, is played by Dana Davis (“Heroes,” 2007-2008). Davis is the most realistic character in the entire cast. She portrayed the basic emotions of teenagers very well.

Prom king and boyfriend of Lisa Hines, Ronnie Heflin portrayed by Collins Pennie (“Fired Up,” 2009), who expresses emotions realistically when he is worried about the fate of his girlfriend, He keeps you on his side throughout the entire movie because you can relate to him.

Detective Nash portrayed by James Ransone (“Inside Man,” 2006) delivers an above average performance, achieving his goal of the “good cop.”

The evil obsessed killer, Richard Fenton played by Johnathon Schaech (“Quarantine,” 2008) is an actor with great ability. His demeanor fits perfectly into the role of the murderer.

It is very obvious that the rest of the cast is new to the whole acting gig. Realism was missing throughout the entire movie.

J.S. Cardone, the writer of “Prom Night” had brilliant ideas, although the movie is missing a certain “va-va-voom” aspect.

Donna Marcione Pollack is the costume designer for “Prom Night.” Pollack did a very good job. Their choice of colors and dress styles for the females are very appropriate and modern. The males are dressed in suits, fitting the title of the film.

Proms are an extravagant event in honor of graduating high school. Many schools rent lavish venues, while other schools use the school gym. This movie exaggerates the expensive and nicely decorated venue. It looks like a Hollywood nightclub and is even referred to as one in the movie. No amount of fundraising would amount to such over-the-top decorations for a high school event.

The three main aspects of a good movie are great directing, interesting writing, and good acting. This movie lacked good acting. Two out of three isn’t bad, but in this case the results are horrible. This movie will end up in the discount rack at your local video store. If you didn’t have a good prom night, this movie will make yours look great.

Time: 88 minutes.
Rating: 1 out of 4 stars.

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for violence and terror, some sexual material, underage drinking, and language.