Colorful Clay Creations Captivate Shoppers

Olga Ramaz

Vibrant crimson bowls finished off with an immaculate glaze, cobalt blue vases, tea cups, plates and colorful ceramic jewelry doused in a patina-like finish were just a few of the items for sale at the college’s bi-annual student ceramics sale on Dec. 1, which grossed more than $14,000.

Students, faculty and eager customers gathered in Student Center 212, room, which was converted into a ceramics showroom in an effort to raise funds for the GCC ceramics department.

Mark Poore, head of the ceramics department, said the students who sold works will receive 80 percent of the money and the department will keep the remaining 20 percent.

“Out of the 20 percent we keep, we pay for the postcards, postage, student scholarships and prize money for the student art show,” said Poore. “Any money left is used to sponsor workshops or buy equipment for the ceramics studio.”

The ceramics sale provided an assortment of one-of-a-kind, handmade clay goods, tagged with prices ranging from $5 to $100.

Enrique Lopez, 22, a former student whose work was on sale, was manning the checkout table and wrapping and/or boxing purchases for the customers. Lopez sold many of his pieces early on.

“It [feels] good [to see that my pieces are being purchased]” said Lopez. “It shows that somebody [actually] liked my work.”

Many of the artists who created the items were also on hand to help out with the sale, as were ceramics instructors.

SC 212 was jam-packed and overflowing with eager shoppers, walking up and down the aisles, browsing what seemed like an endless sea of colorful pottery.

Among the shoppers was Cameron Brown, a beginning ceramics student, who came to the sale with her daughters to do some shopping as well as to see what other ceramics students had created.

“I told them [her daughters] that they could get something,” said Brown. “There’s a lot of stuff, it’s incredible.”

“For me,” said Poore, “it’s really exciting because you get to see all of the students work at once.”

“I’m proud of them [the ceramic students], they’re like my kids,” added Poore.

With the holidays just around the corner, some of the guests, aside from doing some personal shopping, were shopping for gifts.

Art instructor Susan Sing was among the shoppers. She said that although some of the purchases were gifts, she often finds herself keeping some of the items.

“[We] make a good chunk of change from this sale,” said Poore. “[So I am] very happy with the turnout.”

For more information on the ceramics department, contact Mark Poore at (818) 240-1000, ext. 5543.