‘300’ Slays Audiences Across Country, Reaches Number One

Kara Aranas

“Remember this day men, for it will be yours for all time!” roars Leonidas to his legion of Spartan soldiers as a thousand armed Persian men come rushing towards them. This intense battle scene is one of many in Zack Snyder’s gripping movie “300.”

Based on the historic battle that took place in Thermopylae, Greece in the year 480 B.C. and Frank Miller’s comic Spartan king, the story pits Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 of his best guards against the advancing Persians under the leadership of the Persian Emperor, Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro).

Raised to learn nothing else but the art of war and to know no other craft but to fight and kill, the Spartan soldiers willingly take up the task to fight in order to preserve their freedom and continue to have their liberty for generations to come. Their moving spirit and noble valor was not enough to save them though when a disfigured Greek local, Ephialtes (Andrew Tiernan) hands them over to Xerxes in exchange for wealth, women and power, by showing the Persians a mountain path that leads them behind the Spartan army.

With visually arresting combat scenes and an inspiring underdog story, “300” is an invigorating and bracing movie that holds your attention from start to finish. Perhaps it is the full blooming cast of the movie that is responsible for its accomplishment making the film unlike most Hollywood remakes of historical events such as “Alexander” and “Troy.” Lacking the additional dramatics that reputable actors such as Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell inflict onto the big screen, “300” brings forth a sense of rawness making the story more original and lifelike.

Having striking computer effects and astounding cinematography is the complete finishing touch, making the movie superb. Each fight scene gives audiences an adrenaline rush as every thrust and stroke the actors take gives spectators the feeling as though they are in the midst of all the action, witnessing the chaos and struggle surrounding them.

The end result a revitalizing, unique production that has not been created in a long stretch of time, with good acting and giving viewers hope that producers in Hollywood are not all about remakes after all.

Rating **** out of 4