Blast From the Past

During the next few months, El Vaquero will be looking through its historical archives to bring you stories and images from The Galleon’s and El Vaquero’s coverage of the early days of Glendale Junior College.

The Galleon was founded in 1927. It would later change its name to El Vaquero, with the publication of the first issue on Nov. 4, 1936, to reflect the school’s mascot, the vaquero, or cowboy.

We will start with the early days of The Galleon and El Vaquero and their coverage of the college’s early days as a building on the present day Glendale Central Library site. We will also see how El Vaquero covered the first months of classes at the present day site.

This section is a work in prgress. We will offer stories, anecdotes and images, dating from the early days of our college to today, through the eyes of the student newspaper.