El Vaquero Spring ’06 Recap

Elvaq.com presents Spring ’06 Recap. Updated every three days from Aug. 21 to Sept. 22, Spring ’06 Recap will revisit the top spring 2006 semester stories.

Spring 2006 was a busy semester for El Vaquero, as the newspaper covered — among other stories — GCC’s continuing parking woes, construction on campus and budget concerns, dealt with a controversial nursing story, featured the GCC theater arts department’s trip to Scotland, and welcomed a new college president. And for its efforts, El Vaquero also garnered 14 awards from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges.

Spring ’06 Recap will also look back on some of El Vaquero’s best photography, taken by El Vaquero’s team of award-winning photographers and writers. For an overall look at last semester’s photos issue by issue, visit our Photo Archives page.

El Vaquero’s first issue of the fall semester will be published on Sept. 22.