School Campuses Are Not Getting Safer

Dear Editor:

School safety for students, whether in elementary schools or college, isn’t getting any safer. Can students really feel safe and assured at school?

I don’t think so. School is difficult enough, but when it comes to parents worrying about their children while they are at school, that is where the limit ends. It seems like the campus police cannot really assure students that their day will not end in danger or, in many cases, death. I’m sure a great amount of the population is aware of school violence, but that is not the point.
The point is not to address the population with news as to what school shooting occurred today, but to provide how we can stop and prevent further incidents. Listing examples of fatal school shootings and other incidents does not solve our problem. Our government is capable of spending money on nonsense, but when it comes to the safety of people, they cannot provide it.

If students can’t be trusted, then maybe there is a reason. After all, they are the ones hurting each other. Even if it means we cannot trust one another, we need more safety devices that will assure as that we are not in danger. Consequences should further be extended for students violating other people’s safety, and taking others’ lives away. For some reason, students get the point that nothing is really stopping them from doing such acts, so that assures them that it is okay.

To think that I may know students that want to kill each other at the same school or even in the community really does scare me. Students cannot only end the violence by themselves, but need help and guidance. In this case, we need more police officers on duty at all times. Not only are we killing one another, but we are turning into unethical and immoral people.

It saddens me that our community cannot work together to put a stop to this violence at schools, but only intends to make residents aware of it. And I believe though some of us want to put a stop to school violence, we need to take action and work together for greater changes and better results.

Romella Keshishyan