‘Street Art’ Equals Vandalism

Dear Editor:

I’m writing regarding “Underground Street Artist Refines Art in L.A.” Netsil (which stands for listen backwards) claims to be a street artist with a message. Boy, do I have a message for him.
“Street art” is appalling. I find it disgusting that people can perform vandalism on public property and call it art. We taxpayers are the ones who are paying to right the wrongs of the so-called “street artists.”

Being an artist myself, I find it very honoring to have work hung up on the blank walls of a gallery or museum. This is not confining art, but respectfully displaying it for viewers. The excuse of the “ridiculous entrance fee” is not a good one. Most museums and galleries allow students free entrance with ID. Others can get in with only a small fee.

So you see Netsil, assuming that you are not a hypocrite, I suggest you listen to me and instead of displaying your “political street art” on public property, keep it for the walls of your own home and go vote.

Jessica Lee Azizi