Student Speaks Out Against Campus Theft

DeAnn Morris is a retired English teacher who has been taking classes at GCC to improve her Spanish skills. Any information regarding this theft should be reported to the campus police.

MsFit, I find you to be trashy and insensitive. On the morning of April 13, 2006 — a Thursday — you went into the handicapped stall in the women’s restroom in the Sierra Nevada gym and you saw a fanny pack hanging on the hook. My best guess is that you did not think twice about stealing it. In that moment, you fell out of the human being classification and into a classification too disgusting to even mention.

In that fanny pack were all my keys (car and house), credit cards, various ID cards, my AAA membership card, my driver’s license, my health insurance card, and many precious pictures.

I would gladly have given you all the money (over $100) for the return of all those other items.

But, no, you made a dishonest, unethical, reprehensible decision: you kept all of it, not giving a second thought to how much the owner of that fanny pack would be inconvenienced. Actually, the thought of the owner’s discomfort probably gave you some glee, as it would any person who is incapable of identifying with the pain of other people. That puts you on the same level as a psychopath, now doesn’t it?

Even now, I can hardly believe that such a scurrilous person as yourself is walking around on our beautiful campus.

I am still having flashbacks of my initial reaction to this theft; however, I expect my feelings of being violated and my disillusionment with women who take dance classes to continue to abate. I have changed all the locks on my house, have gotten new keys, have cancelled all my credit cards and received new ones, have gotten new ID cards and have generally gone on with my life.
It is impossible to imagine what your (inner) life must be like.

— M. DeAnn Morris
64 years old