French Professor Responds to Cultural Diversity Article

Dear Editor:

As you know from the Division Meeting, I initiated Joe Wang’s Cultural Diversity lecture on October 20, 2005, and read the article on it with particular interest in today’s El Vaquero.

I had called a week previously on the spur of the moment in somewhat of a panic, when the speaker, unexpectedly attending the film Tug of War shown by Tom Hogue, requested an interview with a reporter.

Kasia Faughn was available, came promptly to my office, interviewed him then, and came back to my office yesterday, before the lecture, for a further interview, then walked with the speaker to the lecture, interviewing him again, then took copious notes during the lecture, and obviously wrote them up quickly for today’s paper.
She did a wonderful job, devoting a whole page, with a photo, to the event, and the issue. She furthermore was gracious and pleasant and gave the man a positive impression of the college. I wish to commend her — to have you know what a fine reporter you have under your wing. She is a wonderful asset to El Vaquero and GCC in general.


Teresa Cortey