Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Re: “The Grand Old Party Goes Clubbin,” Volume 87, Number 2:

No wonder we have such a problem with liberal bias in the mainstream media! It starts in college newspapers.

In the above article, reporter Daniel Antolin attempts to discredit Allison Palilla of the campus Republican club. The biased paragraph describes Palilla as “a political science major still trying to master US politics” and states that she “[tried] to explain . . . the exact agenda of the Republican party, which [seemed] unclear based on her articulation of it.”

Exactly what did the reporter mean by including the statement “still trying to master US politics?” Since any college student is by definition still trying to master his or her major subject, I can only conclude that the reporter intended to imply that Palilla isn’t competent. Further, it is not a reporter’s job to decide whether or not someone’s articulation is “unclear,” only to quote accurately what is said by a source and let the reader draw conclusions about clarity. Also, professional journalists question sources until they are clear about what is being said. If the reporter found Palilla’s remarks “unclear,” perhaps the reporter needs to “still try to master journalism.”

Cynthia Tooredman
GCC student

Dear Editor,

I was waiting for my sister to get out of class so I picked up the school paper to kill some time. I found your article [President Bush’s Ban on Iran Is Hypocrtical] very refreshing. I am glad to hear that not everyone is completly blind, or justing choosing to close their eyes for convience. Keep up the good work, PLEASE.

Student e-mail