Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Hi, my name is Jae and I am a former student of yours from Journalism 103 which I took a few years back. I am back at GCC taking a few classes. I’ve noticed the transformation of the paper, and love the continuous improvement of quality you guys have been able to achieve.

Thank you,
Jae Yoo

Dear Editor,

I’d like to share some thoughts about your reporter, Geghard Arakelian, who wrote the story about my experience with the tsunami in your recent edition of El Vaquero. I found Geghard to be extremely professional, thorough, and pleasant. He even called me at home to verify the order of some specific facts. It was a well written, articulate article. (As good as the coverage I received in the L.A. Times!)

Ira Heffler
Professor of Speech Communication