Letters to the Editor

  • To El Vaquero,

    Thank you for the great feature article on the welding program. Me and my students greatly appreciate the way you put it together. Thanks again, and if you ever need something welded please let us know.

    — Sincerely,
    John Kray
    Welding Instructor

  • To El Vaquero,

    As President of the Save Our Classes Club, I want to say a giant thank you so very much for the great article Milana Shakhgulyan wrote about the SOCC in the latest issue of the El Vaquero.

    Reaching our fellow students is still our hardest task and you and your staff have helped immensely in this area.

    To be completely honest, one part of the article gives us credit for something that is not the SOCC’s doing. The money from the basketball tournament goes to the GCC Foundation through the “Save A Class” project… The Save Our Classes Club appreciates and applauds all efforts made by everyone involved in raising money to return classes and hopes more members of the GCC community at large become involved.
    On Saturday, April 24, the SOCC, along with the GCC Sex Education Club, are sponsoring the GCC “Clean Up Our School Day” from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    All students and faculty members are welcome to attend and do what they can. Please meet in the Plaza Vaquero.

    Once again, I want to say thank you to you, and to your staff Bonnie, for all your efforts in helping make our school a better place.

    — Sincerely Yours,
    Patrick O’Green
    President, Save Our Classes Club

  • Hi El Vaquero,

    I would like to congratulate you on your latest issue of El Vaquero.
    I thought all your articles were very informative. To me it was especially heartwarming to get such good publicity for the “Save Our Classes Club” (SOCC). Thank you for your good work.

    — Agnes Rudnick,