Letters to the Editor

Once again, I owe such a thank you for your support of our work on behalf of the UWC.

Here I sit, sweating out an awful cold at home with two copies of the El Vaq at my feet. I picked them up yesterday and dropped off a copy to one of the professors who bought a Macy’s ticket from me.

I was so proud of the coverage of National Breast Cancer Month and the wonderful press you gave the YWCA and our fund-raiser (at Macy’s).
The Article did give me personally far much more credit than I merited. Thank you once again. It looks like the Y should be doing a story on El Vaq next!

— Niki Davis,
Co-founder, GCC United
Womyn’s Council

PS: Four more awards for the El Vaq? Of course!


I wanted to thank you for last week’s article in the El Vaquero about the dedication of the science center and the naming of the Administration Building.

It was a great article and I am very appreciative of your efforts.
Please thank the writer (Travis Han-Cruz) for doing such a fine job.

— Dr. John Davitt
Glendale Community College