Letters to the Editor

Patrick O' Green


First I would like to discuss the El Vaquero article. The opening paragraph states that I have violated a variety of Campus rules. This is completely untrue.

The first charge against me is “Failure or refusal to disclose necessary information on matters of organization business.” At the second impeachment trial a cabinet member stated that “The music events were organized without prior knowledge of the cabinet.” This first music event was approved at the beginning of the semester.

The second “AGS Sponsored Music Event” was an idea that came up during the semester that I mentioned at a cabinet meeting and was told by the cabinet to check into and to report back when the details were ironed out. The date changed on it once from the May 20 to May 22, and I didn’t get permission to use the Auditorium (in case of rain) until May 6. (Yes, I have the E-mail). At this time I would have informed the cabinet that everything was worked out for the second “Music Event,” but I already had been impeached/removed from office. I continued to pursue the event anyway, and the Vocal Ensemble performed yesterday, quite splendidly, and it was sponsored by AGS.

A cabinet member also brought up the fact that I tried to erase all of the unexcused absences and tardies that some cabinet members had, without the Executive Cabinet’s approval. This is true and at the time I thought I had the power to pardon such things. I was informed that I didn’t, and I never attempted it again. The reason for trying to pardon them was an attempt to rejuvinate the cabinet in that, we will all start with a clean slate again.

Now on to the second charge. A cabinet member stated that I said negative things about my fellow cabinet members. I have no doubt that in moments of frustration, I marveled outloud, without concern who was in ear shot, about some of the problems I was having with some of the cabinet members. In hindsight, I see that this was a mistake, and I’m not proud of it. However, as you’ll notice, I wasn’t accussed of lying.

Now, on to the real reason for my impeachment and removal.

On May 1st, at the General Meeting, the cabinet expected me to appoint the four non-members to their elected positions. In the AGS by-laws it states that “only active members in good standing may hold a cabinet position” Therefore I stood in front of the General Members and told them of my choices and the one I made. “I, as President of this honor society cannot violate our by-laws and will not appoint these four to the cabinet.”

This letter was originally three pages long. Due to the limited space, it was trimmed by at least two-thirds.

Thank you,
– Patrick O’ Green