Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I appreciate your hard work printing this newspaper. I am not much of a newspaper reader, but I have become a regular reader of the El Vaquero since this semester.
Go on and continue your effort. There is almost everything in your paper – our paper – that a student might want to know about. I do not want to lose any single issue.

– Elga Z. Moosakhanian


Dear Editor,

It is great to see our school in such high spirits, filled with pictures of candidates and signs for the upcoming election.
Although, I would like to say it is rather hard to decide between which candidate to choose from due to the lack of information given about each person.
Also, the person in charge of the election has not done a good job distributing the information of where or when to cast a vote.
Communication seems to be the main problem at GCC.
Other than the El Vaquero school newspaper which informs us of past events, there are hardly any other ways of finding out what will be taking place on campus.

– Simberly Chakavarnmongkol