Online Update‘The article accused the nursing program of a cover up.’

It looks like Glendale Community College President/Superintendent John Davitt has the last word on this one — or does he — in this e-mail to the campus on June 30.

“A controversy has erupted on campus over a recent article that appeared in the El Vaquero that focused on the quality of the nursing program as well as two suicides. The article accused the nursing program of a cover up. However, all issues dealing with suicides and death are in fact public records and information can be obtained from the police department or the coroner’s office. The Nursing Department was respecting the request of the family and not providing confidential information to the press. Additionally the nursing department took every appropriate step to provide for the welfare of the students and their families and other nursing students as well. This included counseling, mental health services, bereavement counseling, the services of Mr. Willoughby, etc.

“Unfortunately, this article has caused great stress and pain to the Nursing faculty and their students. Many feel that it has tarnished the reputation of the program which is one of the most highly regarded in the state with a recent pass rate of 100%. On the other hand, the students who publish the student newspaper are equally concerned about their reputation.

“I have spoken for years of the needs of our campus community to respect each other and this is an example of a situation spinning out of control with little sensitivity. Of special concern, in my judgment, are the feelings of the family and their right of privacy which is not a legal right but is an ethical right.

As I leave this institution I would like to once again speak to each of you of the importance of respect and concern. We need to go forth with renewed sensitivity for each other and a greater appreciation for what each of us and each of our departments contribute to the making Glendale Community College.

“If any of you want more information, please contact my office. However, I hope that we can look at the higher values in this situation, again commit ourselves to the community with respect and concern for our colleagues.”

— John A. Davitt

If you wish to contact Davitt about this issue, e-mail him at [email protected].

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