‘Dance Performance 2008’ Showcases Student Moves

Claudia Anaya

Dance Performance 2008 was presented in a packed Sierra Nevada gym on May 28.

The program began with “Stress and Cigarettes,” choreographed by Mario Mason and performed by The Company.Starring students from the dance production class and featuring three main dancers dressed in ballerina outfits with bright red and purple tutus, dancing to upbeat hip-hop music.

Richard Realivasquez, appeared in “Stress and Cigarettes,” “Utopia,” “Pop Fiction,” “Candyland,” “Roll of the Dice,” “What It Takes,” and “Freak Show.”

Realivasquez has danced since he was 5 years old but has taken classes since he was 10. He’s a theater major and sees dancing as part of his future profession.

Martha Realivasquez, Richard’s mother, said her favorite piece was “Stress and Cigarettes,” she enjoyed that “they held nothing back.the dance floor was their playground.”

“Desperately Seeking Vlad,” choreographed by Robin Ward and Patt Paczynski, was the second piece presented, in which two females wore black robes lined with red and purple fluttering satin as they performed.

“Utopia” choreographed by Esteban Martinez, played third, and “Almost Lover,” choreographed by Elise Reyes followed.

Erik Mesropian, 19, business major enjoyed “Almost Lover,” a piece in which Reyes appeared in with Mario Mason expressing the heartache of a relationship through dance.

“I liked that they choreographed it themselves, it was a good choice of music with a lot of variety,” Mesropian said.

Mesropian’s favorite piece was “19,” the sixth dance whose concept and direction were by Victor Robles and was performed by students of the jazz performance skills class who portrayed soldiers wearing camouflage pants and black shirts.

A red light illuminated the stage as the performers brought up death and post-traumatic stress disorder through the dance, industrial music, and the action of the performers simulating a gun with their fingers to their head.

Since the beginning of the semester, the students “have been preparing for the show with six hours of practice each day,” said Realivasquez.

With his least favorite part of dancing being the injuries and soreness from daily practicing, Realivasquez looks forward to dancing in upcoming semesters.

Stroboscope effects, black light effects, and smoke were used during the show.
The 37th annual production presented on May 27 through June 1 was funded by ASGCC.

The dance department also accepted donations.
For more information contact dance director, Lynn McMurrey at [email protected]