“Flowing,Pulsing, Beating, Burning”

Katherine Sosa

On the way to the library? Well, on your way to the library you should stop in the Art Gallery.

The “Flowing, Pulsing, Beating, Burning” art show in the gallery ends Friday at 7 p.m.

It’s a group art exhibition featuring works by Heather Cantrell, Dennis Hollingsworth, Katrin Jurati, Jennifer Lane, John McAllister, Caroline Thomas, and Torbjorn Vejvi.

The art work was very catchy and got me thinking about what the paintings and sculptures mean.

The way the artists used certain drawing textures and colors may represent an emotion, or an event, such as the oil on linen painting on the east wall near the entryway by John McAllister, titled “Burned Woods.”

To me this painting had so much emotion. The woods roots are bright red and yellow as if the flames and woods are burning. McAllister represented his father’s cancer in this painting. I believe he was describing the pain his father was going through, and the flames were spreading, as cancer spreads throughout the body.

This is a very creative way to show an emotion and articulation.

Also very eye-catching was an art piece hanging from the ceiling. This piece, “The Silent Articulation of a Face” is a long, colorful, beautiful work by Katrin Jurati. This piece used silk and thread. It looked amazing. The faces on the silk are tricky to spot but if you take a good look at it, facing up, you can see two women.

One of them was wearing glasses, but facing down, she’s wearing a coat, and she has orange hair, with pale skin, and red lip stick on her upper lip. The other lady looks as if she’s walking straight with her chin held high. They seem kind of depressed, as if they had a long day at work.

Another piece that left me guessing was “Excerpt of Dead Mannerists” by Heather Cantrell. It was on the south wall of the gallery. This photograph is unique. The photograph had a girl sitting down with her arms slightly crossed, wearing an elegant dress with red long gloves. But the weird thing is that her face is covered.

I wondered why her face was covered. It kind of reminded me of Michael Jackson and the way he would cover his childrens faces with a towel. Awkward, but interesting as art!

Another interesting art piece was the 18 framed pieces along the west wall. The “Female Fragment Group” by Jennifer Lane. The drawings were very detailed, showing sexual relations, positions, and human parts. The drawings are a bit disturbing as one of them reminded me of a Barbie doll that has been tossed around because its legs are completely ruined. Some of the female bodies are touching themselves or a male is touching their bodies as they are unclothed. Kind of weird, but, it’s showing articulation.

These art pieces are very original and creative!

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Friday. Admission is free.For more information call 818-240-1000 ext. 5663
or visit www.glendale.edu/artgallery