New Game Rules the Entertainment World

Culture Writer
The Arbiter Online
Boise State University

You don’t have to be a genius to play “Who Rules?” All that is required of you are a TV and DVD player with a remote, and you are set.

“Who Rules?” tests your knowledge on everything from politics, historical events and celebrities, to literature, films, arts and entertainment. There is no need for dice, a wheel to spin or miniature plastic figurines to push through a cardboard surface to determine what the next question will be — all that is done for you via your DVD player remote control. Push the enter button, and voila! The menu automatically spins and stops right on the category from which the next question will be selected.

The game is sectioned into creative and catchy categories like Political Asylum, which assesses your familiarity with politics, or TailG8R, which is a license plate puzzle that seeks to challenge the player’s ability to make out the often ambiguous words. One of the most entertaining yet most difficult category is known as Dirty Laundry. This category tests your knowledge on celebrity scandals, misfortunes and malfunctions.

“Who Rules?” is hosted by Patrick Warburton, who has made television appearances on “Seinfeld” and the 2001 series “The Tick.” Warburton maintains a comedic television game show host tone that often over-emphasizes phrases that do not necessarily need accentuation. (He kind of sounds like Rod Roddy, formerly of “The Price is Right.”)

One of the many great things about the game is that you can play alone or with friends in two teams. Playing alone might feel kind of weird at first, especially when Warburton is sarcastically taunting you by saying, “Don’t have many friends do ya?” But on the upside of things, how else do you expect to learn all the answers and beat all your friends? At the end of playing the game solo, Warburton adds, “Even though you played this game by yourself, I was watching. Doesn’t that make you feel better?”

Lastly, vintage prizes, such as roller skates, a lava lamp and a cassette player, are given out after each correct answer. These rewards keep you or your team motivated and laughing at the silly prizes that are selected.

Nearly everyone is a winner when you play “Who Rules?” It is not one of those board games that is so challenging that it is not even fun; the only people who win those games are members of the honor society.

The only downfall to the game is that repetition of the questions does not allow for a long game. However short, quick games are entertaining, too.

Give “Who Rules?” a try and you won’t be disappointed.