Otherwise Stellar Team Marred by Accusations

Oregon Daily Emerald
University of Oregon, Eugene

Granted USC has played in the championship game the past two seasons and won a share of the title three years ago, but what is going on with the accusations and draft status of the Trojans?

Former quarterback Matt Leinart as well as running backs Reggie Bush and LenDale White all dropped further in the NFL Draft last weekend than many predicted. The teams that drafted players from the trio are lucky.

First of all, Bush was the best player on the board bar-none since he declared himself eligible three months ago. There is a reason that the Houston Texans are picking first. They suck and their management sucks. Houstons first error was standing behind David Carr like he is an All-Pro quarterback. Then, the Texans decide to select defensive end Mario Williams with the top pick.

Leinart slipped to the 10th pick. Congratulations to the Cardinals for getting Leinart, who will likely take over calling signals for one of the most potentially dangerous offenses in football.

White fell to Tennessee at pick No. 45. White would have been a Heisman Trophy winner had he not played at USC behind Bush. He tore up every defense he played against and Texas was incapable of stopping him during last years title game. The guy is a beast and whether he has character issues or not, who from USC doesnt?

Surely, there arent a lot of differences between former Trojans that can hack it (ie., Carson Palmer) and the ones that cant (see Sean Salisbury) in the NFL. They are all cocky mothers that know everything there is about everyone and football.

NCAA and the Pacific-10 Conference are currently investingating whether Bush accepted benefits, and it was announced Sunday that Dwayne Jarrett, a junior receiver that will likely enter next years NFL Draft, is being investigated for his living arrangements.

Jarrett lived with Leinart in an apartment that cost approximately $3,900 per month, according to the Los Angeles Times. Both paid $650 per month and Leinarts father covered the difference. While it may be acceptable for Bob Leinart to pay the difference for his son, it isnt for another athlete.

Just when you think youre helping someone in need, it gets you kicked in the rear, right, Bob?

Maybe we should ask USC football coach Pete Carroll. The guy says the right things, makes the learning experience a blast for his student-athletes and wins a ton of games.

If his name is thrown into the mud like his former and current players have been lately, I just wont know what to do. USC, with its two fingas in the air like a playa motto, is an elite institution which focuses on the student.

Hey NCAA committees, NFL general managers and all of you jerks trying to bring down the famed Trojans, just lay off. They already have enough to worry about besides rules and restrictions.