Luckett Aims to Fulfill Solo Destiny With ‘LeToya’

The Famuan
Florida A&M University

(U-WIRE) TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — From just being known as a former member of the Grammy-winning group Destiny’s Child to becoming a “Destiny’s orphan,” LeToya Luckett decides to pack her bags, move out and deliver her self-titled debut album “LeToya.”
With production from super-producers Scott Storch, Tha Corna Boyz, Just Blaze and Jazze Pha, LeToya brews up a music stew that no R&B or hip-hip lover can refuse.

The set opens with the 56-second chopped and screwed Intro co-written by LeToya’s brother, Gavin.

“I’ve been patiently waiting for my time/ Now I’m ready to go/ Welcome to my world.” This opens listeners ears for what is to come on her musical journey.

“U Got What I Need,” starts the album off on a high note. The Just Blaze-produced track creates a soulful sound reminiscent of an old-school 1960s record your parents used to spin at the family cookout.

“Some may say that I’m crazy for loving you/ But they don’t understand what I do/ It ain’t gonna change how I feel/ Cause I’m not gonna ride for no one else but you.”

The album’s lead single, “Torn” samples the Stylistics’ hit, “You Are Everything,” but adds a modern twist for today’s audience. The song continues to heat up the summer on urban and pop radio. “You got me torn in between the two/ Cause I really wanna be with you/ Everyone is telling me I should leave you alone.”

An album highlight is the Indian-infused song, “All Eyes on Me” featuring Paul Wall. The sexy, upbeat track gives listeners a taste of what her hometown, Houston, has to offer, which is also potent in the song “Gangsta Grillz” featuring Mike Jones and Killa Kyleon. These songs both have the potential to be additional hits under LeToya’s belt.

Just when you’re slowing down from all of the dancing to the hot tracks, LeToya slows it down and allows her voice to shine in the heartfelt ballad, “Obvious.” The song tells of a relationship where two people know it’s the best to break up, although it may be difficult.

“Sometimes we want things that may not be right for us/ When you’re in love you seem to look over the obvious/ As bad as I want you to stay/ I can’t goin’ this way.

Another track worth a listen is the sultry “This Song” penned by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox. The song will definitely cause the lights to dim during a candlelight dinner.

Other album must-listens is second single “She Don’t” and Tear Da Club Up.” The only downfall to the 15-track set is the lackluster vocals, which is displayed in her hit single, “Torn.”

With an above average debut under her belt, rest assured that LeToya is not just a one-hit wonder, but a re-emerging force in the music industry to be reckoned with.