Get Lost in Edwins McCain’s New CD

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Edwin McCain “will be the greatest fan of your life,” are you his? Entering the music scene with his big hit, “I’ll Be” in 1993, McCain started out fantastic. That one hit made the top 10 and millions, not only in dollars but in numbers of fans as well.

It was voted number one wedding song on a Dr. Phil Episode of May 2005. It is also one of the must sung audition songs for the top of the charts reality TV show, American Idol. But, hands down, nobody can quite pull it off as the original, the one and only, Edwin McCain.

His brand new album, “Lost in America”, just hit the record shops’ shelves around the country this April.

McCain brings music and urban flavor together to create story telling tranquil tunes. In the song Gramercy Park Hotel, McCain tells the tale about himself. First comparing himself to Babe Ruth and how at the end of the day, no matter what happens, he always ends up at the memorable Gramercy Park Hotel.

With a bluegrass, hand clappin’, shoulder swayin’, and a dash of Bare-naked Ladies’s rockin’ spice, McCain’s “Lost in America” is like a good home cooked meal. It’s comforting, relaxing and for the first ear’s listening, it feels familiar. Classy lyrics, entertaining beat and downright full of soul, McCain’s feel good makes you wanna whip out your singing voice yourself and join in.

McCain was born and raised in the heart of the south in Greenville, S.C. It is substantial to say that the beautiful and prestigious blues that engulfed his childhood environment, rubbed off on him and inspired more than enough soul to share with the rest of the country.

Now, a Santa Monica, Calif., man, McCain is a traveling tour machine. From Connecticut to Texas to Nevada and California, he is really spreading the love. Although, not coming to Boise anytime soon. With school coming to a close, road trips are just the ticket. Make it worthwhile. Go to his July 17 concert in Aneheim, Calif. and hit Disneyland the next couple days. Or how about hittin the Las Vegas Strip and seeing his concert on July 23?

In the meantime, learn more about McCain and enjoy his tunes at