Get Ready for The Start

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Sexy, edgy, sassy and fun, The Start is a southern California band with an indie label. Bringing Madonna, The Beatles, the Smashing Pumpkins, MXPX and Gwen Stefani to one party would be quite the mingling session. Imagine these music idols coming together to create a CD of cosmic songs and unique lyrics. Meet The Start.

Aimee Echo and Jamie Miller formed The Start in 1998. Their mutual passions of artsy-funky, dark-classical, and emo-pop meshed together. Joining the team, they had the musical talents of bassist Jeff Jaeger and drummer Scott Ellis.

After two years of brainstorming, The Start created “Shakedown!” It was in 2001 when they debuted and introduced their music to America. With “admirable vocal prowess and six-stringed slamming and synthetic smoldering circuitry,” they marked new territory in the music world. Not only did they start their discography and public music adventure in 2001, they made the top ten slot alternative press’ best albums of the same year.

After Sept. 11, 2001, The Start’s label was shut down. Pulling their money as a band all together, $800 and a lot of perseverance got their second CD underway. Titled “Death Via Satellite,” they combined the fresh spice from their original “Shakedown!” but added a curve ball with a melodic mania twist. They trudged on label-less and sold their CDs on the road.

With three CDs to their name, including “Initiation of Summer 2005,” The Start has established its place in the music industry. Their authentic style of clubbing tunes is entrancing and addicting. With unpredictable flair added to each song, the priceless charm of a new CD purchase is eternally possible.

Adrenaline music rhythms of euphoric daydreams turned into reality. A new puppy warm fuzzy feeling, the magic of a new infatuation of a significant other. This excitement is played out and expressed into the fantastic dialogue with alluring melody playing guitar plucks, heart pumping drum beats and “keyboards swirling like a hyperventilating kiss.” The dance punk band will make the shyest people get their groove on the floor.

“Burning fire inside my heart, it’s you, me and a knife” “I’m out of my mind and there’s no words to communicate to you.” “Today is the first day, not like the last day” These are just some lyrics that The Start sings and that you can experience this April 25. Big Easy will have The

Toured with AFI, the Used, Thrice and Weezer, The Start has gotten its name out there and is the high in-demand headliner of its very own show.