Seether Is Just a Rock Band, But Proud of It

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The Seether of 2005 is far different than the Seether of 2002, and their new album Karma and Effects best illustrates this metamorphosis. As front man Shaun Morgan explains, this new album is the first album that has been

written as a band. We hadnt really been a band up until then,

Morgan says.

The newly revamped Seether has been touring to promote their new album since May. Its been a long time since we had any time off. Its been cool though, Morgan says.

The tour is now heading to Boise. Seether will be performing tomorrow with 30 Seconds to Mars at the Big Easy. Morgan explains that the album was a collective effort of all the band members. Its not just coming from one mind, its coming from four

collective conscious writers, Morgan says. He also says that he likes the new album better than Seethers previous works. Its an attempt on our part to be more experimental than the last album and try to get away from the Nirvana impressions, Morgan says.

However, Morgan is quick to admit that Nirvana is the reason he got into music in the first place.

What inspired me to pick up a guitar and play music was the Nirvanas and the Pearl Jams that era of music that just exploded out of nowhere. Its the real honest

musicthe kind of stuff I like, Morgan says.

According to Morgan, he started his first band at the age of 13 in his native country of South Africa. His friend gave him Nirvanas Nevermind album and thats when he knew he was going to be a musician. From the start I was hooked, Morgan says. The next day after I heard the album, I knew I was to play the guitar.

Several years later, Morgan can look back at his first band and laugh. We were atrocious, he says. But we had fun.

Morgan also reflects on how Seether didnt always go by its name. The band was originally called Sarongas. The band members just randomly picked the name out of a hat. We didnt know what it mean, and didnt particularly care. We just thought it sounded cool, Morgan says.

Morgan said the band was told that Sarongas wasnt a good name and that they needed to change it. Morgan picked the name Seether because of Veruca Salts song Seether. I liked the song so I threw it out there. The rest of the guys liked it and so did the label, Morgan says. I like the lyrics [to Seether].

We might as well have a name thats kind of tongue-in-cheek.

If you know the song and where it comes from, then the name is kind of funny.