‘Chicken Little’ Is the One Falling

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Bowling Green State University

“Chicken Little” is the latest animated feature to come from Walt Disney Studios, and it is basically what one would expect from a Disney film compared to what we have seen in the past few years. The storytelling that once made Disney the premiere animation studio has long gone, and year after year we are faced with the mediocrity that has been plaguing their films as of late.

The story of “Chicken Little” follows the same basic story line as the childrens story of the chicken who thinks the sky is falling. In this case, though, the chicken is hit on the head with a piece of a hidden alien spaceship, not an acorn as it was traditionally.

The story is lacking in most places, following the predictable steps that every Disney film follows and it leaves little to the imagination. Also spread throughout the plot are various jokes that are meant to make the film enjoyable for parents, but until the end of the film, which does manage to be funny, many of them fall short for most of the audience.

The story is saved by the voice acting in the film. Seasoned actors like Joan Cusack, Zach Braff, and Steve Zahn help breathe some sort of life into the characters.

“Chicken Little” is just about what you expect to see in a Disney movie, so young children are more likely to enjoy it than anyone over the age of 10. So, with this exception, it is probably best to avoid this film.