It’s All in the Bag

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Most every girl will agree that they’ve sighed countless ooos and ahhs when spotting another girls bag, wishing it was in her own hands instead. Either that or theyve owned a bag thats made other girls turn green with envy.

Handbags may seem like nothing, but just like shoes, girls go crazy for them.

With the seasonal transition from a dark and gloomy winter to a sunny and uplifting spring already taking place, what better way to ease the move than by welcoming the new season with a new handbag?

To help us do that, let’s zoom in on whats to come in handbags for spring 2006.

“Coach, its mainly Coach,” said Brittani DeCarlo, a Macys sales associate in Arden Fair Mall.

DeCarlo said that this spring season, shoppers have been going for bags that are more about fabric; leather is more for winter.

Shoulder bags have been the favorite lately, with sizes usually being medium, if not large.

Keeping up with the new season, DeCarlo said bright spring colors are also making their way into the hands of handbag lovers and that everyone likes Coachs signature C print on their bags.

After taking all these characteristics into consideration, its no surprise that the Coach Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Hobo is the most sought after purse of the moment. (Click here for picture.)

It has the pastel pink, green and blue colors, Coach’s signature C printed all over, and when paired with the bright sun and blue sky, looks extremely beautiful in the daylight. If all that sounds good, for a lump sum of $228, any girl can make this bag her partner in crime for the new season.

DeCarlo also said that Coachs Hamptons Weekend Scribble Small Hobo bag is a popular seller too. (Click here for picture.)

The Scribble Hobo, priced at $178, is simpler than the Patchwork Hobo, perfect for those who want a low key bag. The bag still maintains the colorful pastel look, but is easier on the eyes and also comes with a matching wallet for $168, that can serve as a tie breaker for anyone who is torn between which of the two bags to get.(Click here for picture.)

If colors aren’t exactly your thing and you just want to keep it simple and traditional, theres a reason why Coach is such a huge favorite. They offer a wide variety of handbags that is sure to satisfy anyones personal style. (Click here to visit Coach’s Web site.)

While Coach does provide great quality and excellent designs, not everyone can afford a new Coach purse month after month.

One place that always delivers in providing new bags without leaving a hole in your pocket is Gap.(Click here to visit Gap’s Web site.)

Their corduroy chain bag fits all the perfect necessities of a great spring bag. It comes in three colors and has a unique style that you dont see just anywhere. Best of all, its on sale for $9.99. (Click here for picture.)

For those with a true handbag fetish, The Purse Blog often updates their site on the newest handbag arrivals. The blog is even divided into specifics such as brand name and bag style. (Click here for the Web site.)

It’s a good place to go for those who dream about having a high-end handbag or for those who want to know the latest trend in the handbag department. After all, right when spring ends, summer begins, calling for a whole other seasonal transition to take place.

And, with girls being girls, we might need to welcome that season with another new handbag, proving that the cycle never ends.