Glendale Community College’s Transfer Center Workshops

The Transfer Center Workshops at Glendale Community College offer a free service provided to students who are interested in transferring from Glendale Community College to a four-year university. The Transfer Center Workshops provide a multitude of services to help students apply, get information, as well as provide advice to students on which school would be best for them.

During one Zoom transfer workshop hosted by Nahal Ghodousi, a Transfer Center Counselor at Glendale Community College, she briefly explained the requirements needed to attend private colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California system. When planning to transfer to a university, counselors will be able to help and make a plan with students to see the full requirements needed in order to transfer, she explained.

Not only will they help students apply, but they will also provide advice on why certain universities are best for a particular student and what will make for a stronger candidate when applying to competitive schools.

Ghodousi mentioned that there are various scholarships as well as programs that students can enter to guarantee admission to some of the best universities in California. One of the programs is the Transfer Admission Guarantee Program (TAG) which grants immediate admission to any student as long as they fulfill requirements. Workshops are best visited early rather than close to the deadline.

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